Hi I am Mo!

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Speaking Coach, and Courage Coach!

I help you use your voice to:

breathe and embrace fear

speak with courage

own your authentic voice

go live on social media

attract, connect, engage with your dream client

and be the ultimate GLOW GETTER seeking the glow of your words!

As an SLP with over 15 years experience and a former introvert, I know what it’s like to be trapped by fear and figuring out your authentic voice. I was often trying to find my voice and thinking I had to speak with perfection or sound like someone else.

Working as an SLP helped me own the power of my authentic voice. I learned breathing and speaking techniques, the power of aligning my inner voice with my outer voice, leaned into courage, and began to glow!

All of this gave me the ease and freedom to express myself and speak in front of an audience in a public and online setting.

If you’re ready to:

  • dismantle perfection syndrome
  • choose courage
  • own your authentic voice
  • trust yourself to consistently show up and push the record button
  • feel free to express yourself
  • attract your dream client
  • consistently make money in your business,

Then breathe, speak, glow is for YOU!

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