moChats with a Casting Director and Owner of House Casting – Mary Callahan

In this episode moChats with Mary Callahan, wife to Tim and mother of two daughters. Mary is a Casting Director, Owner of House Casting and commercial acting teacher with Brooke and Mary.

She has made her path in the television and commercial arena. It has not always been easy, but she made a path for herself and landed right where she needed to be.

Mary shares with us her journey that led her to becoming a Casting Director and how she stepped out of her comfort zone to become a business owner.

Some takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Keep a positive mindset. Mindset will will take you far and help you get through the difficult times.
  2. Two weeks mantra: whatever situation you’re faced with, give it two weeks and it will get better.
  3. If something goes wrong, own up to it by making that phone call. It goes so much further than an email.
  4. Surround yourself with people you trust.
  5. Keep working on following your passion. Don’t give up.
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